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COMPOSITIONING: in this example we've taken 8 separate photos
to create a one-of-a-kind family portrait. Not only did this require
careful photo placement but digital recreation of the trees and surroundings.

FUN COMPOSITES: Less traditional than above, we can composite photos
into a fun graphic design, a beautiful montage or blend multiple
generations into one photographic setting.

PHOTO RETOUCH: In one examples below we have removed a person
from the photo and reconstructed the face of the newly singular subject.
In the other photo we color corrected a damaged photo .

IMAGE REPLACEMENT: In each of the below photos the left side person
or character was seamlessly added to the picture with matching
color, contrast and shadow to the main photo .

Mody Company Creative: Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation often goes into any type of graphic design work which contains photos. Usually it's a subtle adjustment of contrast or clean-up but a skilled manipulator can seamlessly composite multiple photos together, re-color or clean-up old or inferior quality photos and create some really fun things for use in any medium. See our sample work below.


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